Contagious Magic, My SL8B Adventure!

CityScape A Virtual World Art Piece SL8B

CityScape A Virtual World Art Piece SL8B

“Cityscape” An Intervrtive Art Series

Was invited to SL8B this year, my first year! I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but had a blast doing it. I introduced 6 new paintings, all from the intervrtive series, (yup, still exploring intervrtive!) 3 from the original nature series, and 3 from a new series of work called “Urban.”

I’ve had lots of great comments so far, and even made it into a blog, (very cool) SL8B runs through July 2nd, so please drop by and see my exhibit. While you’re there, pick up the free gift. As usual, click on the different elements of the paintings; the glasses, branches, easel, birds, etc, to “finish” the painting. When you’re done with my stuff, check out the surrounding exhibits, pretty awesome!

SL8B “Contagious Magic”

Most inspiring comments So Far:

GuestBook v2: Signed by Leoninus Zsun, i belive i have this magic in a way with my mate now thanks for makeing it know to me ~ Leoninus zsun

 GuestBook v2: Signed by Areyn Laurasia, Hi Nima, this is really a refreshing outlook on art. I’m glad I came across your exhibit. Would love to see more of your work in the future. Keep it up!

GuestBook v2: Signed by cyberjnkee Ronin, sympathetic magic…..interesting idea

GuestBook v2: Signed by Jica Batista, A stunning display! 

Signed by Rua Farspire, Thank you for such a wonderful, fun exhibit!

Signed by Loquacia Loon, Enjoyed your works very much!  Thanks for having them here. 


My SL8B exhibit, “Contagious Magic” Alexandra’s choice



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