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Grim Brothers Fabulous Dress!

Grim Brothers Fabulous Dress!

Fabulous living art dress (tell me this isn’t hot!) from the minds of the Grim Brothers!

If you’ve ever wondered where to find the most unusual Gothic and Steampunk clothing and accessories to compliment your very peculiar second life style, look no further, I’ve found the ultimate store! This place has to be one of the most unique locations in ANY world, I’m not kidding, and I’m sharing the LM with YOU dear viewers! Why? Because, without this store, you are just plain deprived!
Strange unusual and just plain fun, the clothing is extraordinary. Here you’ll find everything from a skirt that is a cafeteria, yup, an actual 50s diner with counter/stools, cups, dishes and food even, to a lovely pale bone dress, for those occasions when you’re feeling particularly close to death, or just want to look like you are in a chic way.
And the shoes!
These are absolutely the most intricate, extravagant, captivating, and amazing shoes I’ve ever seen…, anywhere. Cyberpunk, through furry bunnies, you’ll find shoes with gaskets, gadgets, gears, animals, and many other odd decorations. All gorgeous and perfect for well.., everyday wear of course!
The store itself is fascinating to walk through. You’ll spend time looking at all over sized decor, a very large eyeball, well…, eyeballs you as you stroll by. A huge disturbing Teddy bear kicks up some fun, and gorilla greetings wow you right at the front door. Check out the aquarium, you’ll find a few species of fish you never knew existed.
They also carry spines, spine attachments, experimental art dresses, hair, masks, face attachments, gloves, kilts, Asia Steampunk outfits, and some of the weirdest avatars ever created!
Exquisite is the perfect word for this store, so get there, and get it done!

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