Happy New Year, Happy Old Year..and Something In Between….,

SL Project Photo

SL Project Photo

Okay, so it’s been a huge transition for me moving across the world, and right now I’m in between places in SL as I am in real life. In the mean time through all the exciting and re-acclimating I’ve been working with my language students through SL one of whom dreams of opening a travel agency when he grows up. So to practice English we’ve been designing his travel agency building and the items in it. He has to describe in his target language, (English,) exactly what he wants in the way of wall colorings, building structure and size, posters, desks, chairs, tables, magazines and other interior things he’d like to see inside. This makes for great practice through conversation and we’ve been having a fantastic time creating his “brick and mortar” environment!

I’ve also been invited to be in an adult show in SL. I didn’t realize it was adult until I showed up to try to hang my works and saw just how adult it was! I consider my work more spiritual than “Adult” but perhaps it fits well and I’m just not aware of it. Still this show is quiet interesting for me being exposed to a side of SL I’m not familiar with, (ah shucks, I’m so innocent!) and I’m happy to be apart of it!

This period of time has left this artist feeling somewhat “in between.” I need to find a new place to set up shop and live inworld and I’m in the process of re-dimensioning myself to my new life in a foreign country. Both transitions are not easy, but thank god, although I take SL very seriously, that transition is definitely easier and even perhaps with all the new birthing pains.., more enjoyable!

Happy New Year and here’s to the future of ALL of our strange life’s!

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