Virtual old school new business window covering

Keep It A Secret Until You’re Ready!

Virtual old school new business window covering

19 Newspaper Window Covering

I’m fascinated by the details of SL, all the little things that are in the background but make a big impact on your life, or your second life!

Take for example newspaper window covering. In my neighborhood new small businesses always slapped up newspaper window covering over the store front window so no one could peek before they opened. When the newspaper covering went up it was my automatic excitement trigger. What kind of store would they be? What kinds of goodies would they carry? Who were the new owners? When, when, when, would they open the doors! I ‘d wait in breathless anticipation of all the new things I’d see, be they food or even, dare I hope, art.

I couldn’t help but create my own virtual world newspaper coverings when I opened my own SL gallery. I still get that old feeling of excitement and anticipation, even though I  know what I will see when the doors finally open.

You can get this texture for free in my 19-Details New Business Owner Freebie

Or you can pay 60L for the texture forego all the extra prims, and use it as a window texture: 19 Details; Newspaper Cover Up For Windows

Your choice and Bon Chance for your new business venture!



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