New Show At the Criss Museum Of Contemporary Art!

Criss Art Show Secondlife

Criss Art Show Secondlife

Very excited! I was invited to show my work at the Criss Museum Of Contemporary Art! Quite an honor of course and I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this important Second Life art museum!

The Criss Museum of Contemporary Art strives to bring the public the best Second Life art and defines “contemporary” in various ways; art which is of this time; art which is recent, art new or existing or art which follows modern ideas or fashions in style and design. Katerina Burner director of the MCA says about their board of members;
They feel that “art holds no boundaries”, so they look for original and adventurous ideas in the artists they show, and use the display as an extension of the art itself. Katerina Burner says, “The artists chosen for the opening were those we found that did not hold to one theme. They created pieces that made you want to sit and look and think; maybe stir is the best word.”
In other words you have to be cutting edge, for the cutting edge! When you get a chance please stop by and see my work. I’d love your feedback on my work. While there you’ll also have a chance to view astounding work by other extraordinary artists. Enjoy!
The Criss Museum Of Contemporary Art website:
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