Free Bee!

Bee For Free To Good Home!

Free To Good Home!

It’s a Free Bee!

Get it? A Free Bee, freebie? Get it? Okay.., well.. anyway..

Free to good home, beautiful fast fluttering winged  bee to good home! Now I didn’t come up with this bee all on my own, in fact I followed a fabulous tutorial by Phaze Demesnes. Her tutorial is easy to complete and in the end you have a beehive, a flower and a bee with blinking eyes and fluttering wings. Watch as it travels from flower to flower and back to its beehive where it rests awhile, (probably depositing honey) and then starts it’s collecting all over again.

I loved the tutorial as Phaze really explains the mechanics behind the steps you take to bring this thing to virtual life and of course all the textures, scripts and even sounds (buzz buzz) are included with the instructions so that you can follow along with the tutorial as you build your bee in SL. That being said, I’ve decided to share my version of Phaze’s bee. He flys a little lopsided for some reason I haven’t quite figured out, but all in all he’s still a pleasure to have buzzing around your garden, plus he doesn’t sting. In fact, he’s the bee’s knees.

You can find him ready made for you right here:

Free Bee 

And if you’d life to follow the tutorial yourself and make your own fancy version, here’s Phaze’s tutorial link:

Make a Bee fly to flowers and gather honey in Second Life


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