Still A Vrtist!

Nima B

Nima B

As the end of 2013 draws near, I take a moment to look dramatically out my window into the darkness and ponder my current SL compared to my very humble beginnings. Because of course it is time to compare, new year arriving quickly and all. So I decided to take a look at some of my older shop photos, not to mention some of my personal styles. (Yikes!) But today I’ll just reminisce about my enterprise 19, and leave those scary fashion photos for next year.

To begin I’ve posted a shot of my very first serious shop, or actually it wasn’t a shop, but a cemetery gallery and an art park. This was before I ever conceived of 3D but my 2D pieces were artfully displayed (I thought so anyway!) lying on top of gravestones and scattered amongst old tombs. (How artistic, HA!) I actually had so much fun creating this unusual gallery setting for my artworks that as in today it is the most memorable and I miss it the most!

And here it is!

A Secondlife Graveyeard Gallery

Cemetery Roll!

And here is the Art Park on the other side of the cemetery.

Saint George Park

Saint George Park

Saint George Park was a peaceful relaxing place in contrast to the somewhat darker aspects of the cemetery. But we all have at least 2 sides!

Since then the park and cemetery underwent many different metamorphoses. Eventually the cemetery disappeared. There was a museum for awhile. And finally my art pieces began to live in a gallery proper, made of glass and sleek metal, and all that modern sophistication raised the level of it’s distinction. My art began to change, I found I asked a lot of “why can’t” questions, why can’t this piece be itself, but also be or do something else? Something new? 3D became a standard part of all my pieces and I participated in many events, won an award or two for my work, and for a moment was well known in the Metaverse.  It was a fantastic “Second” point in time!

19, Yesteryears

19, Yesteryears

And then, RL moved on and I moved with it, across the world. I found myself spending less time inworld and more time IN the world, learning a new language, adjusting to a new culture and making new friends! But I still managed to maintain a place in SL, with the help of a very good friend. A place to work and keep my work,  a place to teach and share with students, and a place to call home that allows me to explore new creative ventures.

This is what that place.., my place, looks like today..

The Gallery 19 Today Dec 2013

19 Today Dec 2013

Not quite as fancy as the last place, but more me I think. There are still elements of art displayed in the open air, (doesn’t all art belong out in the light of the day?!) some displayed indoors, a leftover of my glass gallery days, but all of it slanted more toward my humble SL genesis.

So there it is, a kaleidoscope of time and color representing over 4 years in SL. I’m still happy and grateful to be apart of this wondrous experiment, and still looking forward to the future of the virtual. Yup, I’m still a Vrtist!

Happy New Year Fellow Residents,

Hope the next is grand!


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