Multi Transparency; Nima’s Art House

Multi Transparency Nima's Art House

The House Of Nima Benoir

It’s Multi Transparency; Nima’s Art House time! This is my home on the waterfront, in Inworldz. It’s weird  uh.., artsy because my homes are always a bit artsy. It’s simple and tenant friendly, but I’m really all about the prims (or lack of..) as well as the unconventional. Without pretense, no kitchens, or bathrooms, (I mean.., come on.., seriously our avatars need these things?) there is more space to add other cool things. I’m personally really happy that there are no toilets to clean, and if I had to cook and than clean up after that mess, I wouldn’t log on at all! But I digress, my favorite part of any building is the glass, windows, windows, and lots of windows.  The pain in the arse about windows is that once you have them, you have to cover them with something. (Okay, it doesn’t work for me the same way with kitchens, but windows? Yeah, they have to be covered with something, something that opens and closes!) I’ve always hated those transparent to black window scripts because who has black windows? And curtains for every window gets prim costly.

I had this idea for a script that would allow me to use a texture instead of a transparency along with (now pay attention, this is the genius part.) the ability to control said the transparency of the different sections of my house. You know like, first floor front, second floor back, skylight, etc. I asked on the forum if anyone knew of such a script and I was lucky enough to have a scripter im me and they ended up making me exactly what I was looking for! (Can’t tell you how excited I was!) Anyway, here are a few pics so you can see exactly what I am talking about:

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  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Skylight

I’ve used a stained glass texture as the “solid” or opaque default non transparent as the glass, for privacy. (Looks much cooler than those solid black windows. ) I can change the transparency in increments from 1 to 100 as I want. That parts pretty standard for SL and Inworldz windows. What makes this so so special is that I can control which part of it is transparent, as you can see by the photos. So it”s Multi Transparency; Nima’s Art House. Closed, semi closed, clear skylight, light in any part of my house, or not, depending on my mood! I love this script and use it in both of my favorite v-worlds.

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