New Place In Inworldz

The Big Empty

Empty Crystal SeaOkay, so I wake up, walk outside on my balcony and what do I see?

Nothing. The Big Empty.

Absolutely nothing. My neighbors are gone, all the small landscaped islands.. disappeared. As a matter of fact, now I’m locked onto my land on both open water sides. I’m renting a place in a sailable sim, meaning I can take my boat and tour around and it’s supposed to be endless. Now I can no longer use my boat and I find I’m missing my neighbors and am very very lonely.

Turns out that the landscaped islands that give us residents so much pleasure, are costing a lot of extra money for the owner and she had to temporarily take them offline to give herself a financial break, totally understandable. But I’m missing the fantasy of open seas and my neighbors often eccentric builds. So I decide to move.

Although I stayed with the same company this time I went for something bigger. (I was determined I wasn’t going to spend more money, real and virtual, in Inworldz.) And I looked but most areas were suffering from the same problem I had at my old place, landlocked sims. I finally found a 1/4 sim and decided to go for it….

Nima's new home in Inworldz

Nima’s new home in Inworldz

Here’s the view of my new place from my balcony. It has four separate little islands with rivers that run through it. All the rivers open into a bigger one where again I have neighbors. I love that I have all this new space to landscape and make mine and maybe I’ll so something socially conscience with it, will see.

You’re welcome to come and hang out, explore, just stay outta my house! Here’s my address:

Hope to see you there! 🙂


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