Name The Painting Contest!

First Name The Painting Contest!

First Name The Painting Contest!


Ready for a new event? I’ve got a contest going on in Saint George Park. The – Name The Painting Contest! The prize is a copy of this artwork and 650L! All you have to do is come down to Saint George Park, Second Life (there is a sign with the instructions in the kiosk) study the painting, come up with a name and the price you think it should sell for, click the mailbox on the side and type your thoughts into chat and voila! You’re entered!

While you’re there don’t forget to browse the Night Gallery cemetery an experimental art gallery. There is also the Gene Shaw Museum which is a work in progress but has the only photos and information in existence about this 50s/60s jazz trumpeter, leave a message on the message board, hang in the park, and/or buy my art!! : )) If you like what you see please rate me and pick up a gallery HUD so you can visit some of the extraordinary art galleries of SL. Hint: Click on the art galleries of Second Life sign in front of the museum!
Have fun!
The contest deadline is June 30th 2009 so don’t procrastinate, get there and have fun thinking up names for this new piece!
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