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Welcome To 19!

Saint George Park SLSaint George Park

Welcome to 19!

Here you’ll find updates, stories and news about my 2 art parks, Night Gallery Cemetery and Saint George Park, both in Second Life!

Saint George Park came about through a desire to have a gallery in an outdoor setting surrounded by the enchantment of large trees and tranquil places to relax. Over time it has become home to different events and the Gene Shaw Museum, the perfect place to share old family photos and memories of this talented but little know jazz musician.
The Night Gallery came out of the idea of displaying the darker art that I create in an appropriate setting, and what’s more appropriate than a cemetery? It has grown into a large European type graveyard, complete with tombstones and crypts.
You are welcome to drop by any time and leave me a message. There are things to do in both parks. Be sure to pet Higby, he’s a nice cat and loves the attention.
And again welcome, glad you could come…,


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