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Visited the Peter Vos Gallery in Secondlife

and was absolutely trilled to get a close up, very personal 3d look at his life’s work.

Put together by Karkassus Jigsaw, the son of Dutch artist Peter Vos, to walk through Jigsaw’s gallery is to be given your own personal private tour. The setting is rich in it’s simplicity yet profound by virtue of how it showcases his fathers prolific career. It captures you and makes your experience intimate; like re-tracing lines on the face of a dear friend, familiar yet new.

It’s as though both the son and the father tell you and you alone, their own separate stories.

In short the setting itself is a work of art, the build a tribute to the son as well as the father.

Much has been written about Peter Vos and the son who lovingly shares his fathers work through a virtual world, so I will simply provide links to the in depth interviews from the web.

The Peter Vos Gallery Now Has it’s Own Place In Secondlife

Film Maker: Sander Vos

Teaser: “Vogelparadijs”

Sander’s Memorial

Peter Vos Bio

The magnificent artistry of Peter Vos in Second Life

Just get there. Click the link. Once there watch the slideshow. Touch the art for names of the works and descriptions. Zoom in on his miniatures (Ctrl+Alt +Mouse and Mouse Wheel) Be sure to pick up the reasonably priced prints and illustrated book “Wondrous true story of Mister P.’s Escape” outside the building. You absolutely need to be a  part of this exhibition. You’re first and second life will definitely be that much richer for the exploration of this wonderful artist!

You can visit it in Secondlife here: Peter Vos Gallery Secondlife.


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