Photo of the outdoor Summer Arts Festival

Summer Arts Festival 2017


Summer Arts Festival 2017

This summer I had the chance to show my work at the Summer Arts Festival 2017 in Secondlife sponsored by the Bare Naked Lady and The Peacch Art Gallery (The spelling on their sign). Yvan Slade cordially invited me to participate in an event that turned out to be one of the nicest of the season. I made a bit of SL dough, got to share my work on a beautiful sim and had a great deal of fun checking out the eclectic works that spanned the entire area. This series is not an original idea, How could it be? I live in a world of people with lots of imagination. So I’ve included a video below of actual dancing with crows because great minds think alike! (Or at least mine thought along the same lines as theirs did.)
The series is called “The Confidence of Crows” and features 3D crows/ravens along with dancers, a representation of grace mystery in motion. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as the world seems to be moving in a violent stop motion, barbaric way. The hardest part of creating these works was to find or create avatar poses that complimented¬† each art piece. (And probably I shouldn’t have worn that bulky T-shirt!) What? No one like to make ballet dance poses? Oh you animators you!

On another note which is my exhibition, “Life In Time” is still up but almost over. See it while you can! Life In Time

Photo of woman dancing with crows

La Confidence Des Oiseaux

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