Photo of The Confidence Of The Crows Exhibition at 19

Total Theme Upgrade

I love the theme “Spun” but the author hasn’t updated it since 2013. Regretfully I had to let “Spun” bite the dust and go for a

Total Theme Upgrade

Yes the dreaded change the theme then spend hours reconfigured the way you had things set up website debacle. Of course the biggest problem I had was with the images. I’d kept them pretty small to fit in with the Spun theme. Which means I now have to go through them and resize or replace with their larger copies. Since some of these posts go pretty far back, and I’m a little disorganized (see the inside of my place the Wave House) this will probably mean some work. it’s okay, I’m up for it. Hope you can be patient too as you bear with me tweaking up things here and there. Plus if you see something that’s not working, I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know!

In the meantime I’m pleased to announce that I currently have an exhibition, a series of paintings called the “Confidence Of The Crows.” Remember as with most of my virtual work you’ll need to click on the birds to “sit” and finish the painting. I’ll write more about it later but you can see it while it’s running, (until August 10th I believe..,) Here:

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